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Full Version: Multiple monitor support
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With the upcoming Windows version featuring dual screens and whatelse, I though it would be interesting to be able to use those two monitors as an hinged double page device...
It would be easier to carry around than my actual 22'' 16:9 monitor, and it would create a full size open double page music display by using two 15'' 4:3 smaller monitors in portrait mode.
That would be equivalent to about a 20'' touchscreen 3:2 monitor, very hard to find even in 2020!

But we would then need to have multiple monitor support in MobileSheets, in order to choose how we want or pages dispatched.
Is that possible, or even interesting?
It's definitely something I've thought about adding. I'll look into it later this year after the iOS version is released. The only thing that will need to be determined is how the second MobileSheets window will function (draggable/movable/etc) and what content will accessible in it. I could look into having pop-out windows for other parts of the application too, if it would add value, such as having one window showing a preview in the song editor screen so that the user can access the score while entering metadata. Or perhaps if the secondary window was already displayed, it would just do that naturally. There is a lot I will need to consider.

Yeah, great, I will be waiting to help if you need!
Thanks for considering,