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Full Version: clear filter/search by clicking song/setlist/...
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i have a really big collection of books that are seperated by the collection categorie.
Normally i click a specific collection and in this collection (normally more than 200 songs) i search/filter for a specific number.

If i now click on collection i come back to the collection overview that is sorted by names, not numbers.
The filter/search list is still active with a number-search which isn't helpful in the collection overview and give an empty result-list.

So in general it would be really fine to reset/clear the filter/search if i come back to the main overview of a collection or setlist.

Same problem would be in setlist-overview. My setlists normally have a names. If i'm coming from a collection where i searched something and going to my setlist i have an empty list because the filter just shows number based results.

If needed i can upload a short clip of the problem.

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I think this has been asked for before (and probably by me as well!)

I am going to make changes for this. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether I will maintain separate search filters for each tab or if I'll just clear it when switching. I don't preserve state when switching tabs (so you can't switch between Collections and Setlists and have the previously selected group still shown), so I believe it probably makes the most sense to just clear out the search field when switching tabs or going from viewing the songs in a group back to the top level list of groups of that type. If anyone does not want me to clear out the search field when switching between tabs, please reply to this.

I would prefer persisting filters per tab.
If a filter has more than one criteria it would be too tedious having to set it again and again. Saving the filter settings might be a workaround but is also not convenient.
As a minimum: please provide an option to switch the behaviour On or Off
Just to clarify: I'm not going to change any filters other than the search field. I was only suggesting clearing the search field when switching tabs. Are you saying you would also like the search field to be persisted per tab as well? What about when viewing a group and then going back to the top list for that group type as described in this post? Is it okay to clear the search term in that situation?


i'm really impressed how fast i get a positiv reply to this topic.  Blush
From my point of view just clearing the filter would be fine but i understand that its not cool having a complex filter with multible criteria and then clearing all of it.

Maybe to have an on/off option for that would be most elegant.

Ok, I misunderstood. Just clearing the search field makes sense. A kind of search history would be the cherry on the cake, like e.g. a dropdown where I can select one of the recently used search terms
I'll see what I can do about the search history. The deciding factor will be whether there is an existing component that makes that easy on Android vs having to implement custom something myself.