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Full Version: No 180 degree rotation possible
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I use a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet.  In MS library view I cannot rotate the tablet 180 degrees as all text is then upside down. I want to do this so that the tablet buttons are on the right.
All my other apps allow 90 and 180 rotation so why not MobileSheets?
Mine rotates just fine. Try Settings>display settings>device orientation lock>'none'.
Hi There,

Open SETTINGS, then DISPLAY SETTINGS - Scroll down to the bottom, and the fourth option from the bottom is Device Orientation Lock. Make sure this is set to NONE.
Hi to both and thanks but I've already checked and the lock is off.  I rebooted my SM-900 and restarted MS but still no 180 rotation possible on this app but works fine on all other apps and browsers.   This worked before the recent MS upgrade.  I'm reluctant to do a factory reset.
There are two lock settings in MobileSheetsPro - the Device Orientation Lock already mentioned and the per-song orientation lock. Assuming both are off, the app absolutely should let you rotate into any orientation you want. I just verified on my Samsung Note Pro 12.2 that I can rotate the tablet 180 degrees without issue. Have you tried dragging down the top of the screen and toggling on/off the screen orientation setting? This seems to me to be some kind of OS setting on your device that needs to be adjusted.

It might be your 4.4 android. Mine's 5.02.
Maybe do a backup of MSP without backing up the settings, then remove and reinstall MSP and restore? You will need to redo you original setting though.
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Got it now, thanks for all your help