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Full Version: How do I make Mobilesheets Pro (Windows 10) sort numbers correctly?
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I recently bought Mobile Sheets Pro and I think it's great. There is just one problem, though. Either, it doesn't seem like it sorts numbers in the song titles properly, or I can't figure out what option to turn on to make it do so. This is a problem because I want the songs to appear in order in the list. Here is a picture so you can see what I mean is the problem:

[Image: HKr4IcV.jpg]

As you can see, it sort of sorts it according to numbers, but not properly. How do I make it sort the titles correctly? Thanks!
If you tap "Sort" at the top and change it to "Sort: Numerically", does that get you the sort order you are looking for?

Yes that did it! Didn't realize there were more options there, and had trouble figuring out what I should search for in the manual to find what I needed. I was looking around in settings haha. And it seems the app remembers what I chose last time when I open it again, awesome! Thank you Smile
Happy I could help!