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Full Version: [fixed] Generate Song List Format - selecting separators
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The bottom right button "..." of the "Separators:" section opens a listbox where additional separators can be selected.
This selection list has got a bug. It offers ">" and "Tab" for selection.
Selecting ">" inserts "<" and selecting "Tab" inserts ">", there's no way to really insert "Tab" (except copy/paste from a text editor window). See screenshot


I can reproduce this bug with MSP 2.9.2 on Android and with MSP 2.9.4 on Win10 in German and English.

I'm sure that inserting "Tab" into a song list line worked correctly some time ago, but don't know in which version.
Sounds like something got messed up with indices for the separators. I'll look into it and get it fixed.



I have a fix in place for this now - the ">" option was missing from the list.
It works (again) as intended in MSP 2.9.5 on Win10.
Many thanks for the fast fix.
It's also fixed in V 2.9.6 for Android
Thank you, Mike.