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Full Version: MobileSheets version 2.9.5 submitted and version 2.9.4 released
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Version 2.9.5 of the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets has been submitted to the Microsoft Store to address a few bugs reported by users. I also never posted the release notes for version 2.9.4, so I'll post them here as well.

MobileSheets version 2.9.5 (Windows 10)
  • Fixed bug where using the action to copy a song would edit it instead
  • Fixed bug with searching for songs using absolute file paths
  • Fixed bug with adding the separators in the overflow menu in the song title format dialog
  • Fixed bug with all selected songs being cleared if MobileSheets is suspended by Windows
  • Fixed minor memory leaks with action bar contextual menus and the song editor
  • Updated appearance of library screen floating toolbar
MobileSheets version 2.9.4 (Windows 10)
  • Changed internals of song editor and cropping screen to fix slowdown after sequential edits
  • Fixed issue with overlay being displayed in the Windows 10 version after a right-click while performance mode is enabled
  • Moved "Overlay Toggle Mode" setting to Touch and Pedal Settings
  • Fixed issue with setlists in CSV files not being processed correctly
  • Fixed issue with CSV quotes in the middle of values
  • Fixed issue with audio files listed in CSV files not working properly
  • Fixed bug with chord pro keys not being set correctly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with folder names containing multiple periods at the start being ignored in the file browser