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Full Version: Set Scrolling Auto Start for all song in setlist
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Is there a way to do this? like for the audio.
When I play alone with backingtracks auto start is great but with the band I prefer to use my pedal.
Overlay mode>Circle/triangle, lower left>scroll settings may be what you want.
Go to the Scroll Settings dialog as Skip mentioned (you can also access this through the quick action box at the bottom right by long pressing on the scroll icon), and then check the box to "Start Scrolling When Song Loads". You'll need to set this for each song in the setlist. You can apply the scroll settings to each song in the setlist using the "Apply To" button, but that would set them all to the exact same thing which I'm guessing you won't want.

Sorry I confused myself when I wrote my question.
I had already found the Auto Start Scrolling for a full setlist.
What I haven't found is the same for the audio...
Look in the audio player settings at 'track list'>'all songs in setlist' and see if that will work for you. The settings is the gears at the top right of the audio player popup.
There is an option in the audio player settings for that - "Automatically play audio when song is loaded". You'd need to enable that if you want the audio playback to start on its own. As a side note, there isn't a way at the moment to synchronize the audio playback start time with the automatic scrolling start time (you can enable both to start automatically but they may not trigger at exactly the same time). I do plan on adding something for this along with an option to pause for a number of seconds before starting the audio playback, as users have requested that as well.

I ve got "the automatically play audio when song loaded" option but it must be set by song.
I don't understand how can I set this for the whole setlist. sorry if i miss something.
There isn't currently an option to apply that setting to an entire setlist. I would have to add something like that to the audio player settings dialog. Having said that, if you configure the audio player to combine the audio tracks from all songs in the setlist, you enable "Automatically play next track", and you disable "Switch track when song changes", then you only need to start audio playback automatically with the first song in the setlist. The audio will continue playing as you switch songs.

Thanks for the answer.

The "automatically play next track" is not really a solution in my case beacause I have many audio files for my songs. At least the original audio and most of the time one or many backingtracks (minus guitar, minus guitar and voice....).
So an option in the audio player like for the autoscroll would be great.

This topic is related to my orher thread 'default audio for a song'.
May be I could change my database structure and create multiple version of my song but I think this would be a lack of design to duplicate each song for each playback. I already need to duplicate songs to create "fragments", which is one of the main usefull features for me for a software like MS.
Having a database of my songs and avoid duplication. This lead to duplicate all the setlists too... With many songs this could quickly be a big mess.
May be the song  versionning will be the solution for the "database design" if versions have a "reference" to the song.
Hi Mike,
Do you think you could add an option autostart audio for all the setlist?
I think it could be useful regardless to the "database design".