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Full Version: CSVFile for "Hal Leonard Jazz Play Along Vol. 41 - Classic Duke Ellington"
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CSVFile & bookmarks file for "Hal Leonard Jazz Play Along Vol. 41 - Classic Duke Ellington"

Please respect the copyright and buy the original books!

The Hal Leonard publishing company's "Jazz Play Along Series" consists of almost 200 volumes. Sheet music for C, Bb and Eb instruments and in bass clef and excellently recorded play-along audio. It covers a wide range of musical styles, not only jazz.

With the help of another forum member I started creating CSV files and bookmarks files for a number of them. More to come, but still a lot of work to do. If you like to collaborate please contact me to avoid unnecessary duplicate effort. We already prepared a huge list of required data that "only" needs proof reading and a number of manual steps to create the files.

CSV file
The column "PDFPage" is not supported by MSP. I just kept it to allow an easy way to sort the file by page again in case you sort it differently, e.g. by song title. MSP ignores this column on import.
The column "Audio Files" imports the backing tracks for each song. The backing tracks must be stored within the MSP folder with file and path names as listed. A consistent naming scheme allows adapting it to your personal preference. In case your current file names don't match, you might want to keep the column content for later use, but don't want to be bothered by error messages reporting "file not found". In that case just change the column title to something like "xxAudio Files" that MSP doesn't know.

The bookmark file can be used to add PDF bookmarks using the free jPDF Bookmarks program
Just scroll down to "Create bookmarks with jPDFBookmarks". All the preceding steps are already done.

XLSX file
I used this XLSX file to create the CSV and the bookmarks file. It is attached because it might be helpful in some cases...