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Full Version: Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
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I'm happy to report that I'm finally ready to start testing the new annotations functionality with interested beta testers. I'm hoping to gather at least 5-10 beta testers to help test out all of the new features that have been added. I've written up a document here that explains the new features and options:

Users that want to help beta test need to have purchased the app through the Google Play Store and should backup their library before testing (it will not be possible to revert to the old version after testing, so you would have to uninstall and reinstall, then restore your library). You can also just stick with the new version until the official release.

This first phase of beta testing will be just for the Android version. I'm still working on finishing the changes for the Windows 10 version, and I will need separate testers for that once it is ready. I will also make an updated version of the companion application available soon for users that want to test that with the new changes.

If any users are interested in helping me test the new changes, feel free to post here and I will email you using the address you used to register on the forums, you can message me directly through the forums, or send an email to and I will reply with a link to the beta installer.

Thanks everyone for your patience while I finished these changes and to all of the users that will help get the update ready!

Great to hear! Count me in for Windows 10 beta-testing.
Hi Mike,

Great news!

I can help test out the Android version


This looks fantastic. Count me in for the Beta. Since my Android tablet isn't functional any more, I will have to wait for the Win10 Beta, though.
Great job. Count me in.
Great news 

You can count on me (if the MSP Android version purchased on Amazon  can be used for testing).
Unfortunately, Amazon adds their own special DRM in the version distributed through their store, so I don't have a way of distributing an installer for users that purchased through the Amazon App Store. If you'd like to help test, you'd need to backup your library, uninstall the Amazon App Store version, install the beta version, wait to fail the license check, I can allow your device to bypass the license check, and then you can continue testing. When the beta is over, you'd need to uninstall and reinstall the app off the Amazon App Store so you can get regular updates. Let me know if you'd like to do that.

I would love to beta test the Windows version when that one is ready.
Great news! Count me in for Android (Huawei Media Pad) LineageOS 14.1 (Samsung Note Pro 12.2)
Hi, Mike , no problem to uninstall the Amazon version to try the beta one (and then back again to the Amazon).

I will do my best to test it.
I would be happy to beta test for Windows. 

I just bought a new Android tablet (ditching my old Amazon) and could easily test on Android as well. 

Would I be correct in assuming they are compatible i.e. a score edited/annotated on Android can be imported into Windows? If so, I'll be glad to purchase an Android copy for my new tablet.
Yes, any annotations created in the Android version can be loaded in the Windows version. Having said that, any annotations created in the Android beta will only work in the Windows 10 beta once I make that available. You can't share annotations created in the Android beta with the current Windows 10 version. Let me know if you decide to purchase the Android version and would like to test out the Android beta version.

For all testers: I've pushed out build 205 to the same link you were originally sent to download the beta. The build number is now listed under Settings->About, so you can include that with any bug reports so it's easier to track which build the bug is being reported against. For future builds, I will start putting together a list of things that have been fixed with each build.

I've uploaded build 206 now with the following bug fixes:

1) Fixed several crashes related to the toolbar being hidden when the annotations editor is loaded.
2) Changed the grouping of items in the radial menu so that crescendo, decrescendo, pan, select, piano staff and shapes are now under a new section called "Other Tools". These tools were scattered among other groups before so this should provide a more intuitive access point.
3) Added additional error checking to prevent crashes while pages are being loaded in the annotations manager and changes are being saved.
4) Fixed crash with using the piano staff tool
5) Tapping an item in the radial menu that is already selected will now go to the settings for that item (i.e. tapping on Pen twice will access the pen settings). This provides an alternative way to access the sub menu for the settings instead of having to click the outer arrow.

Mike, I'm interesting in joining the beta test. I'm running an HP Chromebook x360.


-- Ken
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