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Full Version: Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
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I'll see if I can reproduce any of the issues you are describing. As far as the point where you drag, that's how it used to behave, at least with decrescendo, and a user told me he didn't like that and thought it looked incorrect. So I'm not sure which approach will be preferred by most users. I'd like it if more users can chime in with their preference - when placing the crescendo/decrescendo, should the open part be under the touch position, or should the point at which the lines connect be under the touch position?


Cmart, after thinking about it some more, I agree with you. I think it's more intuitive to have the decrescendo positioned and drawn as you described.
(10-15-2020, 07:32 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]So I'm not sure which approach will be preferred by most users. I'd like it if more users can chime in with their preference - when placing the crescendo/decrescendo
I think most intuitive is if both crescendo and decrescendo are drawn left to right.
Yes, they will both be drawn from left to right, but the question is about where the decrescendo is relative to the stylus or finger when you first press down. The suggestion here is to have the open part of the decrescendo (the left-most part) be centered on the stylus or touch position. You then drag to the right to stretch it. This allows you to more easily know exactly how it will be drawn, as you line up your finger or stylus to the edge of where the decrescendo should start.

(10-15-2020, 05:54 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, they will both be drawn from left to right, but the question is about where the decrescendo is relative to the stylus or finger when you first press down.
Not sure I see what other possibilities there are.
Centered and expanding left and right???????
Of course, where you first press is the left end, you then pull the length to the right.
I get some weird rectangles when I'm using the highlighter in draw mode with rectangles.

If I draw bigger and quicker rectangles they show up like in the attached screenshot.
Sorry if this has been adressed before but I didn't read all of the last 10 pages. This is no bug but regarding my personal view of usability and structure.

Why do crescendo and decrescendo have there own entries in the other tools department? If they warrant their own main entries on the wheel IMHO they should be in the stamps wheel.
Piano staff belongs there too IMHO.

Also the select tool seems to me to be way too important and often used to hide it in the other tools area. I understand there's not enough room on the main wheel.
But you could place the select tool at multiple places where it could be used quicker. (Yes, I know I can use it from the top menu).

For instance, if I add a lot of stamps, it would be nice to have the selection tool also in the stamp wheel so one can quickly use the select tools there and adjust an inserted stamp
with placement and size and go back to new stamp insertion.

It would be also nice if all stamps could be resized with the mouse like crescendo and decrescendo.
I think everyone has his own workflow how to do things. The new annotations are a big impovement to the old ones. I think i will testing it in real world situation. And then pros and cons will come up. I used it already in rehershals and i am really pleased. The new Design requires new ways to do things. 
And the Crescendo and decrescendo are the tools i probably use the most so i am very Happy that they are so prominent. 
Btw, You could adress the select Tool or somerhing you use often to the button of the pen.
Yes, thanks. Though I mostly edit my sheets at one of my W10 PCs with a mouse.

And for the design choices, of course to each his own. In the end it's up to Mike's choices anyway. (Though I stick to my opinion regarding the crescendos since the most used stamps can be easily put into the favourites).

The reason that I don't want to put the crescendo/decrescendo/piano staff tools in the stamps menu is because they are not like any other kind of "stamp" in MobileSheets. They aren't related to the stamp properties in any way, they don't respect the stamp settings (they have their own size, colors, way of placing/sizing, etc), so it seems to me like it would only be confusing to have them under the stamp section when they are stand-alone drawing modes/tools. It also causes inconsistencies with the selection marker. If you select crescendo, you will see it has the selection marker on edge under "Other Tools". If you pick a stamp, you will see the top-level stamp section shows as selected. However, if crescendo was under stamps, it would be incorrect to show the stamps section is selected, so it wouldn't show selected but the crescendo tool under it would. I just don't like that, as a user would think "well crescendo is under stamps, so it's a stamp, but why isn't the stamps section selected?". So that's why I'm going to leave those under "Other Tools". You can create favorites for them if you want easy access to them.

I'm not opposed to putting the selection tool under each section in the radial menu. It's obviously redundant, but if that's going to help the workflow for people that rely on the radial menu a lot, then I'm fine with it. 

I did plan on adding support for resizing stamps by dragging the selection circles - I'll work on adding that for the next build.

After thinking about this some more, I don't like putting the selection tool under every section of the radial menu. Even if you did switch to the selection tool while looking at pen settings, for example, if you wanted to switch back to the pen tool, you'd have to go back to the top level menu to select it. Putting it also under the stamp menu doesn't seem like a good fix to the problem because you still would have to go back up one level to select the stamp tool again after selecting your stamp and adjusting it. I think the real answer is a more efficient way to toggle between the selection mode and inserting.  While you can use the toolbar to switch between the selection tool and others, or you can use the command bar (the floating bar with favorites in the bottom left and a few tools at the bottom right like selection, erase and undo/redo), this still requires tedious back and forth between tools. I think a better solution is to use touch gestures. Right now, if you use a two finger tap, it switches been panning and the last tool. I think we need more gestures like that. To start, I can allow the two finger tap to be reassigned to a different action, so that you can use it to swap between the current tool and the selection tool. The two finger tap to switch between panning and the current tool isn't necessary for those with an active/smart stylus, so this would provide a more efficient workflow. The three finger tap currently enters and exits the annotation mode, but I can allow that to be changed as well. Thoughts?

I think you're correct in thinking and priorizing the use of a tablet with stylus and finger.

My observations came from working with a mouse at a PC though. So far left and right click have the same action.
Maybe it's possible to assign the right click (or equivalents) for selection?

An all around better way IMO (if it is possible) would be that an existing stamp/annotation would be selected if it is clicked
and an insertion would only happen if it's in "free" "annotationless" space. So the selection tool is automatically applied if an 
existing notation ist clicked.

It would certainly accomodate my work flow since I often 
insert at first and fine tune location and size directly after that.

If annotations are intended or have to overlap it's always possible to insert them next to the target and select and drag afterward.
(10-16-2020, 06:26 PM)BRX Wrote: [ -> ]My observations came from working with a mouse at a PC though.
You are missing out on the best of this new version; the zoom pop-up so you can place things right the first time and don't need to select and nudge afterwards. I have completely changed my workflow now, which was like yours before. Now with the pop-up there is no going back. But this is only with a finger or non-smart stylus. I am no longer using the stylus for stamps, with a finger is much quicker and just as accurate.
I'm hoping that I can do away with the stylus for the other drawing tools too, but I still haven't tried out lots of things.
Yes thanks, I know. I figured that out with help from here after my initial problems with placing the piano staff I reported a few posts ago.

Maybe you're more exact than me, but I mostly move or adjust these anyway after the initial placement so an easier way to select them is still important to me.
Here comes a list of some new bugs I discovered:

Adding a stamp to favorites crashes app.

Adding a highlight and hairpin to stamp creates a 0 width line regardless of setting.

Updating favorites to current setting doesn't work with the above.

In annotation options there is a blank checkbox at bottom with no describing text which removes onscreen page turn arrows.

When radial menu is collapsed you cannot move it far to the right side. It stops ca 2 cm from right edge.

Occasionally some pages in a song is rendered completely black. However I can bring up the options and see it render in preview window e.g where you crop etc. When you go back to full screen it renders black again. Only fix I found for this is to restart the app, then everything is normal again. I guess this one is very hard to reproduce and I haven´t found out how this happens. It´s usually right after loading a song and not every page just a few of them.

On some rare occasions the annotations just went bananas. I got some really weird annotations even from the eraser like the shape you erase with. I guess this one is very hard to figure out since there is no crash report. I might have to come back to this one if it happens again.
(10-17-2020, 12:04 AM)Cmart Wrote: [ -> ]Occasionally some pages in a song is rendered completely black.
Glad to see I am not the only one seeing this. Maybe together we can circle in when it exaclty happens to help Mike debug.
For me it never happens if I don't annotate.
I have also sometimes seen not black pages, but pages from the previous song.
Always after using MSP for a while and annotating.

I tried restarting compi and all and then doing 25 annotations and then erasing them. After 4 times I was loading some black pages.
It looks like a memory leak or similar to me, as when i have not annotated I have never seen this at all.

Most of your other comments I have already told Mike, but some are new to me, let's keep this up finding bugs so we can have a clean version as soon as possible. I am really looking forward to it, the usage improvements are tremendous!
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