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Full Version: Handling score and parts in the database
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I'm new to MobileSheets so I am certain that I have just not found the right term in the documentation.
For almost all the pieces I have there is a score with all the parts and then many parts for the separate instruments. How does MS expect that one handles this ? I have problems believing that one must make te score and each part separate songs, but have not seen any other way to handle this.
This seems to me to be such a basic demand, to be able to handle a piece with all the parts as one, and then pick the part one needs, that it has certainly been in MS since V1, I just can't find it.
Please help and show me the right direction to look.
Hello Don,

At the moment, you would have to either add all the files to one song and then use a feature like bookmarks to jump to the specific file for a given instrument, or you would have to create separate songs, one for each instrument. To add multiple PDFs to a single song, you need to use the song editor. To create a new song with multiple files, go to the Songs tab, tap "New", go to the Files tab, tap the folder icon and select each PDF. You can edit an existing song in the same fashion to add additional files (long press or right click the song on the library screen, tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen and then add the files on the Files tab).

I have discussed on the forums in various places a planned feature for song versions, where you can have multiple versions of the same song, and switch which version of the song you want to view. You will also be able to specify which version of a song to use in each setlist that uses that song. This would allow you to have one version of the song per instrument. It's going to be a little while before I can add support for this feature though, as it's going to require some pretty extensive changes.

Thanks for the info Mike.
I am looking forward to the versioning feature in the future, but first the new annotations for Win10 !
I'm also looking forward to such a feature. Depending on the device, I do use full score will all parts when the screen is big enough, and only the parts when a small 6" e-reader or mobile is attached to the instrument. It would also be great if the device link would work with parts (master selects score, and each slave device shows the corresponding part for the instrument).
Any news on the versioning?
I'm finishing the iOS version of MobileSheets before starting on the versioning feature.

Hi Mike,

any news regarding this feature?

br Hari
Song versioning is being added after the next big update (which is implementing missing chord pro functionality). It's going to take me a while to implement all of the necessary changes though because it impacts pretty much everything in the entire application.

Hi Mike,

sorry to bother, but do you have any idea when this will arrive?

br Hari
The goal is end of this year or early next year. I'm constantly having to address bug reports, small feature requests, enhancements, etc, while still providing customer support to many customers daily, so it's been pushing back development on some of these larger efforts. I provided the roadmap for the next update at the bottom of this post:

Once that is finished, then I'll start working on the song versioning feature (along with some other big feature requests).