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Full Version: CSVFile for "The Real Christmas Book (Hal Leonard)"
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The Real Christmas Book CSV I Wrote(it worx).
Thanks for sharing.
I changed the thread title to "CSVFile for..." so that it can be found easily by the forum's search function,
I hope that's OK for you.
If we had used such a naming convention earlier you could have found that CSV file already in the forum:
I move it into this thread now
Real Christmas Book - Hal Leonard
A good collection of well-known christmas songs in typical "real book" layout, many of them with lyrics.
Versions for C, Bb and Eb instruments are available.

Sorry, I cannot provide a link to download the book.
Please respect the author's hard work and buy a copy!
Please let us know if and where you were able to buy a digital version.

Notes to the CSV files:
1.) I use my personal abbreviations in column "source types":

      LS - lead sheet
     Text - song has lyrics
     2 S. - song has two pages
2.) In my scan of the Eb version (and the according CSV) some pages are missing

The CSV shared by Harmolodik seems to match the same page numbers as my RealChristmasBook_HL_C.csv
I merged the composers that Andreas provided here

Here are the updated CSV and bookmarks files
The CSV files also contain the keys for the C, Bb and Eb version
... and the bookmarks