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Full Version: Annotations get lost or stay with song?
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Annotated a pdf song with a bunch of Chords and Notes and stamps and graphics, etc.      If I delete the file will the annotations go too?   If I swap files, will the annotations apply to the new file?    Or can I copy /apply the annotations from one file to another?

When I print the file (with annotations) is it all converted to image format if it currently is text inside (i.e. postscript)?   Or will it stay as text and have annotations added to it as more postscript?
You can just try and answer the questions yourself.
Please share what you find.
If you delete the file, the annotations will still be in the MobileSheetsPro database. If you delete the song from your library, then the annotations will be deleted. If you swap files, the annotations will be preserved and will show up in the new file, however they are based on the dimensions of the original file, so unless the pages are the exact same size in each file, it may not result in what you are expecting. The next major update (which is currently being beta tested) makes it even easier to both write the annotations to the underlying file, and edit those annotations later if needed.

If you print the file, it is printing an image that is composed of the rendered page from the file with the annotations on top of it. Nothing is printed as text.

I deleted the file but then wanted to restore those annotations to a new file I added.  (I did not do swap by mistake.) I have four pages but only one is annotated.  Could not figure out how.  Do I have to use the same name as before or some other trick?   Or is it impossible?
If you name the file exactly the same as the original file and place it in the location that MobileSheets is expecting it, then you should see the annotations show up when the song is loaded. It's very important that the page dimensions are the same between the two files otherwise it could impact the scaling and positioning of the annotations.