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Full Version: Feature request: single tap for free form drawing
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I run MobileSheets Pro on the Onyx Boox Max 3. Due to the slow screen response time certain operations can become painful. I have noticed that when I am in a typical rehearsal it is too fast-paced to tap multiple areas in order to make a marking on the part. On this type of device it is not possible to distinguish the pencil from a finger, so I would love to be able to tap a certain area of the screen to go straight into free form drawing mode, then tap that same area (or something similar) to go back to the standard view. If I could make a marking on the part and be back in standard view in 5 seconds I would be able to keep up...

Thanks for this great software!!
Please see this thread about the beta version that is being tested and will be released soon:

With a smart stylus, it will enter annotation mode when the stylus is hovering, and there is an option to automatically exit annotation mode if no input is received within a configured timeout. With the Boox Max 3, it doesn't have a stylus that supports hovering, so I will just trigger annotation mode once the stylus is pressed on the screen (so tap to start annotating).