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Full Version: CSVFile for "Creole Jazzband Fakebook 2020"
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CSVFile for Creole Jazz Band Fakebook 2020
A great collection of traditional jazz tunes. All out of copyright, at least in Canada where the Creole Jazz Band resides.
Very good readability on the tablet.
C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef versions are available

CSV files for the previous V2.2 can be found here:
There are many great improvements since then:
- almost 80 (!) newly added songs
- all PDF files with bookmarks

The fakebook is available here:

The page sequence of all versions now is identical, so the only difference between the CSV files for the C, Bb and Eb version are the key signatures in column "keys" and the instrument info in column "source types". The CSV file for the C version also applies to the Bass Clef versions

The XLSX file contains all three versions in one list and some additional information. It's "work in progress" so in case it is useful for you feel free to ask me if there's something new.
In Europe songs are under copyright for 70 years after the death of the last author, so many of these songs are still under copyright here.
The "Creole Jazzband Fakebook" might be a good starting point for creating a list of jazz songs in the public domain.
Is anybody interested in starting someting like this? Or does such a list already exist?
Here is an update for 2021.
Merci !