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Full Version: Seperate Composers in csv File
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Hi all,

how do i seperate two different composers in an csv File, so that they apperar as seperate entries after import?

Try placing double quotes around the entry  e.g. "Lennon,McCartney"


PS: If that doesn't do what you want, try googling for "mobilesheetpro forum double quotes csv"
separate the entries with | e.g. Lennon|McCartney
| as a separator of multiple entries (might be more than two) works in in any group (keys, artists, collections...)
Thank You itsme,

that did the Trick.
That leads me to another Question: how do i get rid of all the "failure" or unwanted entries in the composers dropdown?
Because of my failed attemps there are now a lot of doubled or trippled entries.

You can edit the composer entries on the composers tab. MSP takes care to merge the related songs.
DOn't forget to make backups so that you can try again if required.
Of course! thought too complicated! Blush 

Depends on what you already changed. Thinking about it thoroughly and using MSPs multi-select features cleverly might help. Or just delete the songs, fix the CSV files and import again. Hard to decide what's easier.
Or you could use Sciurius' MSPro Tools
Well-thought and very powerful, but also not that easy to use.
Thanks! i solved it within the Composers Tab.
The filed entries are still there, even i delete the songs, so an simple reimport does not help.
Multiselect the wrong entries in the Composers tab and delete it there, was the way to go.
The MSPro tool is too complicated for me. (i even dot know how to start it  Dodgy )
Thanks anyway. Problem solved