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Full Version: Vertical scrolling with snap to page function
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To use MobileSheetsPro on Android with an external USB-C monitor in portrait mode, I need to rotate the pages of every score by 90 degrees and enable vertical scrolling. But I noticed vertical scrolling is only available in a continous scrolling mode. There should be an option as well to snap to one page, so I can swipe to the next page easily. Just like the free Xodo PDF reader offers with their global option 'Vertical Scroll Snap to Page' (when enabled, vertical scrolling will snap to page). Is it possible to implement this feature in MobileSheetsPro?
While I certainly can support that, if you swipe up or down, or if you tap the edges of the screen, MobileSheets will turn to the top of the next page so long as the current page is not larger than the screen height. Have you tried just tapping to turn the page or swiping? I just verify that those will not work for your needs.

That works indeed, but in my case, when the pages are rotated by 90 degrees, the swiping should be rotated as well (vertical swiping is then needed to actually swipe horizontally).