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Full Version: Half page turning - auto advance after set time
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I've been a long time user of unrealbook on iPad but I am looking for Android alternatives so MobileSheets looks quite promising.

There is one really crucial feature in unrealbook that I haven't seen in any other software but for me there is really not a good alternative:

After tapping on screen, the first half of page turns and then after a set time the second half turns AUTOMATICALLY.

The available alternatives just don't cut it and I really wish MobileSheets(Pro?) would support this one. This would really ease my choice.

I'm not a fan of pedals. I carry as little gear as possible so hardware is not an option.
Auto scrolling for me is not an option as I use sheets for practice as well as gigs. This means tempo is from slow to fast, not a fixed value. Besides, I often need to set hot touch zones that would take me to previous pages (DC al coda, multi-page repeats etc).
Tapping once for every half page is really too much taps. I need hands to play!
I'm not a fan of other AI methods like winks or head turning as they cannot be reliable in any lighting condition, body mood etc.

What are chances of implementing this feature?

Thanks and best regards,
I have one question: when it comes to the duration before the second half is turned, is that something that you would set globally, or is that something you would need to set per song, per file or even per page? If it was just a simple setting that worked for all songs/files, I could implement this much sooner. If you need to be able to control the delay between each automatic half page turn for each song, each file or each page, that is going to add complexity and increase the development time, decreasing the likelihood that I can just slip this into a regular update.

Hi Mike,
thanks for quick reply!
I would say in my case a global default would cover about 95-98% of my needs, other few % could probably be worked around in some way. I think global default would be a very good start. But I mostly use lead sheets with some "real" sheet music occasionally.
Long dense passages would however need a per-page override possibility. That being said, I personally would be pretty happy with a global default.
Thanks and best regards,
Quote:After tapping on screen, the first half of page turns and then after a set time the second half turns AUTOMATICALLY.

Hi, I was about to write to request this feature. I find it very interesting, especially when you read at first sight, to be able to have the beginning of the next page ready. I use a pedal, but I'm still very interested in using that option with the pedal.

Thanks. Best regards
Instead of half page turning I would prefer "Vertical Scrolling" and advance manually (triggered by a tap or a blue tooth switch). I tried it in combination with the "Automatic Scrolling Settings" but could not find what I was looking for.
These settings come close:
Scroll Behavior: Scroll and Pause
Scroll Speed: Fastest (or Immediate)
Scroll Amount: 50 % (or 30 %)
Time Before Scrolling Starts: 0
I'd like that the score is scrolled according to these settings immediately after a tap and stay in the new position waiting for the next tap.
What I want could be specified as
Pause Duration: infinite
I was not successful so far. Pause Duration: 0 scrolls immediately to the end of the score what makes no sense at all. Setting Pause Duration to a big number (it's limited to 500) does not help because it is applied also to the very first page.

Did I miss something? Can I already achieve what I want and just didn't find it yet?
Otherwise my proposal: please handle Pause Duration: 0 as a special value that causes Automatic Scrolling to wait infinitely for the next "Start Scrolling" trigger.
I think if you want the application to scroll and then stop, you don't really need to use automatic scrolling for that. Instead, go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, set the pedal action to "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom", set the scroll speed to fastest or immediate, set the scroll amount to 50% or 30%, and then try triggering that with the pedal. It should behave as you described. If you want to be able to have different settings per song for this, then that would be the only reason to implement some other kind of option with the automatic scrolling to make it behave that way. I think I would rather just have a new behavior called "Scroll and Stop" that behaves as you have described versus overloading what the pause means. If you need to be able to trigger the automatic scrolling with something other than a pedal, then I would need to implement the new behavior.

I'd like to be able to trigger that also when I don't use a pedal.
Making "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom" available as a touch action would also satisfy my request. "Scroll up or Turn Page if at Top" would also be nice to have. My choices would be "bottom center" and "top center".
Being able to set the scroll amount per song as for automatic scrolling would be a big advantage.
Hello there,
I upload this topic again to ask if there is any possibility to do it.
I understand that there are many requests and each of us is interested in one.
Anyway I think that it would be very useful, especially for classical music pianists, because we have to turn many pages, and there is not always a good place to do it. Being able to have the first part of the next page preloaded would be fantastic, since it would not force you to know memory passages or to operate the pedal in very complicated places. With the same time for all the scores, it would be enough margin to actuate the pedal in the last staff or in the last measures for example.

Anyway, congratulations and thanks for the work, the application is more and more comfortable to use and complete.

Best regards
just bumping this thread to see if there is any hope for this...
As an alternative I have been using "vertical scroll" mode (without actual scrolling) and such a zoom to display a full page plus 1 line on the next page. This works fine with lead sheets and maybe piano parts. But it really fails in a case when accompaining some choirs with complete score (for example, a vocal + piano system) as the system is too tall for this.
So I'd really much prefer half page turns with auto advance after set time (maybe a global default + individual song setting). I don't really want any additional hardware such as BT pedals...

So - any hope?

Thanks and best regards,
Only two users have asked for this capability (you and key112), so I haven't been able to raise the priority on it. It's in my bug tracking system though, so once I work through the higher priority enhancements/features, then I can work on it. It's not that it won't get implemented - it's just that it will take me a little longer to get to it. I also understand that it's been years since you asked for it - but those years were filled with work on things like the iPadOS version. My priority at the moment is now to work through the backlog of feature requests. Purely from a business perspective, the iPad version opened up a new revenue stream whereas new features don't really generate any additional income, so I hope you can understand why the iPad version was given priority over small feature requests. Also, if more users ask for something, it helps me gauge the importance of that feature to the larger user base, so when a feature gets very little traction, it's hard to raise the priority on it over other things that I'm getting asked for much more. An example of this are the chord pro requests - I get far more users asking for chord grid/diagram support over a feature like this, so that's why it's planned for the next big update.

I recently started using MobileSheets pro, and I too would find this page turning mode very useful. It is important for a musician to be able to see the beginning of the next page while is playing the end of the current one. This can be achieved with half-page mode, but it forces you to turn the page twice per page. In my opinion, page turn with delay would be the ideal solution.
For my needs the delay could also be a global one for all songs.

Thanks and best regards,
Thanks for the feedback - it certainly helps to hear from more users.

I would also find this useful. I usually use two-page mode, but I have some music in landscape that is set to single page with half-page turns. This would make it a lot easier for me to deal with page turns on those songs. Thanks.