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Full Version: Sumatra PDF & PDF Bookmarks
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This is not an issue of MSP at all.
It's about the bookmarks files that I shared here and there in the forum. They are intended to add PDF bookmarks to fakebooks using jPdfBookmarks
I noticed an issue with the generated bookmarks: When I click on one of the created bookmarks in Sumatra PDF in view mode "fit width and show pages continuously" I end up in the book not where I wanted to go but one page off.
The page numbers are correct because in view mode "fit a single page" I jump to the correct location. It's also correct when I use PDF XChange Viewer as PDF reader.
As Sumatra PDF is my preferred PDF reader program I investigated the issue and found a working solution: adding ",FitPage" to every line of the bookmarks file and re-adding the bookmarks to the fakebook PDF fixes the issue.
The bookmarks file can easily be modified by a search & replace in e.g. Notepad++
To reproduce the issue:
If bookmarks are added with the file kinder-wollen-singen-A4_jPDFBookmarks.txt that I shared here the resulting PDF shows the error. Creating bookmarks with kinder-wollen-singen-A4_jPDFBookmarks_FitPage.txt avoids the problem.

Sorry, I cannot share the created PDFs, the files are just too big to be shared. If you are affected and have questions feel free to contact me.