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Full Version: Files disappeared
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All files have disappeared on my Galaxy Tab S5e tablet, I get the message "The file does not exist". The entries in the fields are still there. Does anyone know an explanation.
Greetings Achim!
Let mobilesheets Search for broken file pathes. You can do this under settings -> more settings -> fix broken file pathes (i don't know exactly the english wording there) mine is in German. But you should find it. You could try the automatic function. 
Have you moved your Files?
I've heard of some users experiencing that after updating to Android 11. McAroni's suggestion may help with that as long as all of your files are still under the storage location.  Can you verify whether or not this occurred after updating your device?

Hello, I reloaded the library, so far everything is OK. I have the Android 10.
Greetings Achim!
Thanks for the information
Greetings Achim!