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Full Version: CSVFILE " The Real Easy Book ", Vol 1,2 and 3
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Do you have CSV of " The Real Easy Book"  vol1, vol2, vol 3 please ?

Here's the CSVFile for Real Easy Book 1
It matches both the C version and the Bb version
No need for proof-reading of the titles. More to come.
It would be great if somebody volunteered to add keys and/or composers
Thanks a lot,

I’ll see what I can do for keys and composers, I have little time. God all these books to integrate via MSP.

Real Easy Book 2
CSV with Composers
Here's a new version with composers of volume 1, 2 and 3.
Same for Bb version normaly.

Real Easy Book 1
CSV files with composers and keys for C and Bb version
Thank you, I forgot to transpose .... fortunately you watch the forum.

Real Easy Book 2
CSV files for C and Bb version with keys (pages are different)