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Full Version: How to include like a scanner by the tablet and MSP ?
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I manage to photograph a score by the MSP of the tablet. Only it appears as a photo.
How do I make it look like a black and white scan?

MobileSheetsPro does not currently support converting pictures taken with the camera to black & white. You would either need to use a separate scanning application that supports that, or use an actual separate scanner to create the file on your PC, and then transfer it to your tablet to import into MobileSheetsPro.  If you have an application like Adobe Acrobat tied to a scanner, the results would be superior to taking pictures with a camera because Adobe Acrobat will compress the images and store them as either grayscale or black & white (depending on your preference), resulting in a smaller file that loads faster. The PDF library I'm using in MobileSheetsPro does not currently support compression or conversion to grayscale or black & white, although I'm hoping the company that makes the library will add support for those at some point.

You can apply an external app to improve the picture. ClearScanner
is one of the good ones for Android.
Merci à tout le monde, j'utiliserai l'appli scanner !