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Full Version: Pen tool dot size
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When the annotations got their major overhaul, the automatic dot when tapping the screen with the pen tool got a lot smaller. Is there an option to adjust the default size on that hiding somewhere from me? If not, that would be a useful feature to have. Thanks!
Originally the dot with the pen tool was too large with the new design and I got complaints, so I reduced it to more closely match the old implementation. The radius of the dot is tied to the pen thickness. There isn't currently a way to control the dot size separate from the line thickness. You could utilize the circle tool for that if needed.

Interesting. On my tablet, the dot is almost microscopically small. Sounds like it might manifest differently on different tablets with different Android builds.
So I'm on a theatre gig right now and I borrowed one of the other musician's Android tablet with MS and the dot size is just fine on his. Must be something unique to mine.
Can you go into the annotation settings, disable the option to "Scale tools in landscape" and see if that is part of the problem? Are you creating annotations in landscape orientation? There is a piece of code missing to scale the dots in landscape orientation to match what the size if they were created in portrait. So I want to see if that's somehow related.  Although I don't think that would make it microscopic... Do your freeform annotations look correct? It's just the dots that are a problem?

I'm normally in portrait mode, but I tried it out in landscape with that option unchecked and dots were still small. I tried it out on my Android phone (LG G7) and the dots are normal sized. I guess it's just an issue with my tablet (Lenovo M10 FHD Plus).
I've looked into this a little, and the rendering of the dots is different if the page is stretched a different amount in one axis vs the other, which often happens if you use the "Full screen" page scaling. If you change the page scaling to "Fit screen", do the dots appear at the appropriate size? If so, I have some adjustments included for the next update that will help with this.

Whatever you changed in the recent update fixed it! Dots are just the right size now. Thanks!
I'm glad to hear it! I was really hoping that would be the case. Thanks for letting me know.