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Full Version: not connecting any more with companion
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after updatin MobileSheetsPro on Android and updateMobileShettPro on my PC the connection is no longer wörking.
My Android is shown in the list on my PC an I try to connect .. but it's no longer wörking.

I use 
on my WIndows 10 PC : MobileSheets Companion 3.1.1
on my Android tablet   :  letst update from today with Google Play 

Before update everything was okay..

WLAN is connected on Android tablet.

Any idea what's going wrong ??

Hello Uwe,

If you are using the latest versions of both the companion app and tablet app, then the connection issue is most likely caused by a firewall issue. There are usually only a few things you need to look at:

1) On the Windows 10 device running the companion application, go to the settings for your current network. One way of doing this is clicking the network icon in the taskbar at the bottom right corner, then click on "Change connection properties", and on the dialog showing the network settings for your current network, click "Private". If "Public" is selected, it can cause packets to be blocked
2) Next, go to Windows Firewall, click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall" and make sure both private and public are checked for MobileSheetsPro Companion
3) If you still can't connect to your Android device after performing steps #1 and #2, then if you have anti-virus or firewall software running, you should try disabling them to see if they are interfering with the connection.
4) The last thing you should try is rebooting your router. This fixes connection problems frequently for users

If that still doesn't help, try performing a direct connection clicking the Connection dropdown in the companion app, selecting Manual WiFi Connect, and then entering the IP address shown on the Android device. 

The problem was my wlan - repeater ...
I could solve the problem ..