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Full Version: Restore deleted song
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Hi everyone,

I accidentally deleted a song I had spent a great deal of time annotating. I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for recovering or restoring that file, hopefully with the annotations. Using a Samsung Galaxy View, Android, and Mobilesheets Pro 3.2.1.


I responded to your email, but I will also respond here:

The easiest way to recover your changes is to go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Automatic Database Backup and pick a copy of your database from before the deletion occurred. So it might only be a day old, or it could be several days old. Hopefully you won't lose too many changes while doing this. If you will lose a lot of work by reverting the database (meaning you've created a lot of changes since the database copy was created), there is an approach you can use to recover the song without losing all your other changes. It will involve a lot of steps, so let me know if that is the case and I will provide you with the list of actions you will have to take. If you don't mind reverting the database, then once you've done so, you will probably need to replace the file for the song you deleted, as reverting the database will not bring the file back. There are two ways to do that:

1) Just copy the file into the storage location folder that MobileSheetsPro is using.
2) Long press the song, tap the three dots at the top right, then tap "Swap File" and select the file you want to swap in

The first approach is probably the best given what you are trying to do, but either one will work. Once your library is in a good state, you may want to create a library backup file under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, just so that you can restore everything at any point if needed. As a side note, if you have a library backup file that contains the song you deleted and a second device running MobileSheetsPro that you can restore the backup file on, then I can provide a pretty quick list of steps you could use to recover the song.

Isn't it possible to use the companion to extract the song from a previous backup (any annotation would then be embedded into the pdf rather than be "selectable")

The companion doesn't handle annotations in any fashion at the moment. So extracting the song from a backup will only extract the file without the annotations.  I would like to add support for annotations in it, but it's a huge undertaking and I don't currently have access to a 2D drawing framework so I can borrow code from the Windows 10 version.