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Full Version: Creating a Setlist from Recent
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In the category 'unusual workflows' Smile

Sometimes I play arbitrary songs from a collection, e.g. when the audience picks the songs to play. Then, after the gig, I want to create a setlist just to register the set.

Starting from the recent list, it is easy to select the songs played from the top down. It is also easy to create a setlist from the selection. The only 'but' is that the songs are in reversed order...

A trivial solution would be to be able to display the recent list in reversed order and select the desired songs bottom up. But maybe there is another way to achieve this?
The setlist is populated by the songs in the order they are selected. So if you just tap the bottom most song in the recent list first and then tap each one above it after, the setlist will be constructed with the songs in that order. 

Great! I should have thought of that...