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Full Version: Chromebook Install Fail?
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I rebooted my Asus Chromebook (fully updated) and now I cannot find the MobileSheetsPro app.
When I go to the Play Store, it says that it is installed. When I try to reinstall, it says it will and the app will be available shortly. It's been 3 days.

I feel like I'm doing something really fundamentally wrong, but I cannot figure it out. The Companion app comes up on my desktop. . . . 

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
I think the most important thing is to use the play store app and not a web browser. I don't think the app itself has a message about the app being available shortly. If you load the app, log in with the email address you used to purchase MobileSheetsPro, search for MobileSheetsPro and view the store page, it should indicate whether the app is installed and can be launched or whether it can be installed. 

If you view the app tray on the chromebook and view all the installed apps, is MobileSheetsPro not showing up? Can you take screenshots of what you see? You can send them to if you prefer.

Hi, Mike, and thanks for your ideas!

Yes, the Play Store says that the app is installed.  But I cannot locate it on the Chromebook. So I wondered if I might re-install to fix that: this produced the message from the Play Store that I had to wait for the app to install. And I've been waiting . . . . 
There are no apps showing in the App Tray, just some of my frequently visited links.  But that doesn't surprise me because outside of Chrome, I added no apps to the Chromebook except for MobileSheets. So I thought I would start with you folks to see if this has happened to someone before. 

I definitely have not encountered that before on a Chromebook. I suppose as a last resort, you could powerwash the Chromebook, then try reinstalling with a clean slate. Did you backup your library at any point? I'm hoping you did so that restoring the library will be simple after you are able to install.
Found some kind of a hanging file-end in the OS. A reinstall of recent updates and reboot cleared everything and allowed me to start over. Fortunately, my library has been on Google Drive!

Thanks for your ideas and quick response!