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Full Version: Check out my overview of MobileSheets on the Surface Book 3!
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Check out the video here! Please let me know if you have any questions ? Don't forget to like and subscribe!
Thanks for sharing the video!

Excellent review. You pointed out some features that I've never noticed.

I asked this over on Youtube, but I'll ask it here, too just in case. You were talking about a tablet holder that you use, but I couldn't quite understand the name. Could you write the name here and perhaps where you purchased it from? Thanks!

Loved watching you pat her shoulder reflected in the glass on the front of the bookshelves when you were talking about using your tablets on a stand. Smile
Thank you!
Thanks for the comments everyone! Sorry I'm just seeing your comment now wthalliii, but yes, what Oz Cello linked is what we use! Please let me know if you have any questions for me about the SB3 and I'd be happy to answer!