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Full Version: MobileSheets display upside-down
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I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, which I find great for MobileSheets. I do have one small issue though. When the tablet is in portrait mode, but upside-down, and the power cable goes in the top of the device, MobileSheets displays upside-down. Other apps on the device all display the correct way round, depending on the orientation of the device. This means that you can't charge the device when playing at a real piano, or with a music stand with a solid rest.

However this is a small point in what is otherwise a great app that I have now used in a few performances so far, and look forward to continuing to do so.
I take it back, I've just looked through the display options and found an option that controls this. I should have done that first before posting!
How is annotating on the galaxy Tab? Pen works good on PDF's?