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Full Version: Tempo for MP3 does not sync
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I have mobilesheets for both Windows and Android.

I use the sync to clound (Google drive, 2-way sync) to keep both versions up-to-date.

And I noticed the tempo for MP3s is not sychronized (one has 0.85 the other 0.80)
As a test I changed the tempo for the metronome, this parameter is synchronized.

This seems counter-intuitive: one tempo is synced, the other not.

Is the sync process designed this way?
Just an additional observation: the Volume setting of mp3 Files is also not synced properly: eg. one device is synced with Volume 0.4, the second 0.39999999999.
Is it possible to exclude volume settings from being synced to avoid this (or to keep it different by intent).
It does appear that tempo and pitch shift are not currently being synchronized for audio files. I have added a fix for that for the next update. I've also fixed the comparison for floating point fields like volume so that it shouldn't consider them different for very small fractional differences. So hopefully that will address all of the things listed here. Adding options to exclude individual fields is not something I can support in the short term though.