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Full Version: Setlist open piece at specific page/bookmark
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I'm starting to get to grips with MobileSheets and it's definitely a game-changer. 

Consider the following scenario: I play in 2 orchestras (2nd trombone in one, bass trombone in another). Both are playing the same symphony, I have a file from IMSLP which contains all 3 trombones. When I open the file from the library, it opens at the last opened page, which is great. If I open the piece from the setlist, it opens at the first page, meaning I have to then navigate to the bookmark of the part I'm playing. 

Is there a setting somewhere for the pieces in the setlist to open at the last opened page (or even at a specific bookmark)? The latter case would also be interesting for another use-case, as I'll be playing The March of the Priests from Mozart's Zauberflöte at a concert later this year and have the complete opera as a piece in the library (as I recently played the overture with a different orchestra).

You can open a setlist at the last viewed page (if you enable Settings->Library Settings->Always Load Last Viewed Page or long press the setlist, tap the three dots at the top right and then tap "Load Last Viewed Page"), but if the entire setlist is being loaded and you pick a particular piece to load, then it's going to start at the beginning of that piece. There is a little trick you can use to still load a setlist but if you tap a piece, it will jump to the last viewed page of that piece - uncheck Settings->Library Settings->Always Load Whole Setlist, check "Always Load Last Viewed Page" and optionally check "Automatically Load Next Piece" if you still want to be able to tap at the end of a piece to load the beginning of the next one. If you don't check "Automatically Load Next Piece", then you'll have to return to the library screen to load a different piece in the setlist, but that piece will start at the last viewed page, so this may be what you want.

Another approach to solving this would be to use the "Create Snippet" feature to create copies of your pieces that only use a subset of the pages and use those for the setlist. This will add more pieces to the library, but it's currently the only way for a setlist to use part of a piece. In the future, the song/piece versioning feature will be another way to solve this as you could define a different version of the piece that uses a different section of pages and in the setlist, you will be able to pick which version of the piece to load.

Thanks for the answer, Mike. I'm still working out the best way to organise my MobileSheets library, and using snippets isn't the worst way of doing things. I've done that for now and will see how I get on with it. 

Looking forward to seeing the versioning feature when it becomes available. Also just sprung for the Pro license, as it's definitely an app I'll keep on using.