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Full Version: Alternate auto scroll settings if Bluetooth pedal attached
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Would it be possible to have 2 autoscroll settings, one that occurs if autoscrolling started by screen touch and the other for when a Bluetooth scroll request is received? Currently when at home I setup autoscroll to delay a number of seconds and then scroll in a fixed time, started by touching screen. However when performing I control autoscroll with a bluetooth pedal, and usually forget to start it as the song begins. When I remember as I get close to the bottom of the page the delay means it doesn't scroll fast enough to see the lines to be played. Also if autoscroll is stopped and restarted by bluetooth the delay occurs each time.

Not quite the same as above but I too would like a "start scroll without initial delay" option.

My two page songs typically wait 100+ seconds before scrolling and I often forget to initiate scrolling as the song starts. Apart from an initial "scrolling will start in 2 secs" message, there is no visual indication that scrolling is active. This means that, as the bottom of the page approaches, I don't know whether it will scroll or not. If I did forget to start scrolling, I have to wait to the end of the page and do a manual page change.
Ideally, this should be triggerable by both a touch area and a smart button.

Another possible enhancement to smart buttons would be if they had a toggle action so that their display changed depending on their state i.e. has/hasn't been tapped (but I suspect this would be difficult to fit into the current framework)

The scroll start delay can be set to 0, if desired, in the 'scroll settings' popup. The setting is about a 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.
Thanks for the response Skip
But that is where I set the initial 100+ secs delay.

I suppose I could set this to zero but if I did, I would always have to touch the tablet (I don't have a pedal) as the end of the page was approached (I'm trying to avoid that touch)

Ahh, I see now. You're going from page 1 to page 2 auto scrolling. In my set up I have multiple pages in one pdf, crop them so it appears as one continuous page and scroll the 'long' pdf, like taping the sheets end to end in a long roll. I also set the speed a tiny bit fast and use a pedal as needed.

Have you tried the 'start scroll when song is loaded' option?
I'm certainly open to making the proposed changes once the iOS version is finished and I'm back to working on enhancements.

Thanks Mike

@skip that is effectively what I am doing plus  I currently load whole setlist.

Just knackered my pc keyboard by tipping a pint of orange squash over it (hence using tablet for this post).
Isn't Windows clever - it is now asking me if i want to disable "sticky keys". 
How did it know it was squash and not just water?