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Full Version: Scroll selected pages only
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I am afraid that I haven't understood the basic concet of Mobilesheet:

My Songs consist of several files: the lead sheet, chord diagrams, harmonic analysis etc.
When I scroll the song (vertical scrolling), ALL the files are scrolled through.
But I nee the scrolling of the lead sheet file only.
How can I limit scrolling to just this file?

Your help is appreciated!
best regards,

At the moment, if you have multiple files in a song, there is no way to hide some of those files. You would have to create separate songs in the library for each file and create different setlists to support that. However, with the planned song versioning feature (which I plan to release later this year), you could set up one version of the song with all of the files, and separate versions for each thing you need (lead sheet, chord diagrams, harmonic analysis). You could then just switch which version of the song you load based on what you need to see. I'm not sure if this works well for your workflow, but if not, it would help to know what you would want the app to support.