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Full Version: Maximizing screen again
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That is the problem.  The overflow menu does not respond. It highlights when I press it, but no window appears to allow me to get back to settings.
Hit the icon at the top right that looks like two squares to shrink the window back down, then try manually resizing the window to make the app larger. It's really strange that the app isn't filling the entire application window - I have no idea why that is happening. On my Chromebook, the app expands to fill the entire window when it is maximized regardless of whether fullscreen mode is enabled or not. I've never seen it behave like what is shown in your screenshot. Does your device support rotation? What happens if you rotate to portrait if so?

I figured it out.  I reinstalled MS.  Then I noticed a tab at the top for mobile or tablet. I chose tablet and it got larger. THen I chose the option allowing me to resize window.  But I had to reload all my music.
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