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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets Version 3.4.3 Released
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MobileSheetsPro (Android) and MobileSheets (Windows) version 3.4.3 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows 10/11)
  • Added support for assigning metadata to songs when importing duplicate files that are ignored.
  • Fixed issue with MIDI devices where a loop between multiple songs could occur.
  • MIDI commands are now ignored for a half second after loading a song that sends MIDI commands.
  • Fixed issue with text and chord pro files that start with a BOM marker. The marker will now be properly ignored.
  • Fixed several export issues with blank pages and text-based files.
  • Added a new MIDI device type for users that connect to both Yamaha and KORG keyboards at the same time.
  • Fixed library sync issue where some annotation fields were ignored when determining differences between libraries.
  • Fixed incorrect warnings when exporting blank pages.
  • The first visible layer will now be set active in the annotations editor to prevent a hidden layer from starting as active.
  • Fixed issue with the text annotation tool when the same song is present multiple times in a setlist.
  • Fixed issue with using the font auto-size feature with chord pro files with extremely long lines.
Android v3.4.3
  • Fixed issue with batch importing files where audio files would be flagged with an error.
Windows v3.4.3
  • Fixed a few potential issues with annotations created with the snipping tool that could cause them not to render properly after saving changes.
  • Fixed translation issue with the "Articles to Ignore" setting.
  • The virtual keyboard will now capitalize each word when entering song titles and group names in the song editor.
Just so users are aware - there is a bug with version 3.4.3 where, if a chord pro file starts with a blank line, it will not load or render correctly. You can remove the blank line to fix the loading error. This will be addressed in version 3.4.4 which will be released within the next day.

(02-17-2022, 06:57 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]Just so users are aware - there is a bug with version 3.4.3 where, if a chord pro file starts with a blank line, it will not load or render correctly. You can remove the blank line to fix the loading error. This will be addressed in version 3.4.4 which will be released within the next day.


Hi has the fix this been released yet? If it has how to i get it or update the software? 

Hi has the fix for this been out now ? How do we fix it  or download the update 3.4.4 ?
Title of thread mistyped!

Version 3.4.4 has been submitted to all the app stores. It will have to go through Microsoft's approval process, so it won't be available until Tuesday at the earliest due to the holiday. The Google Play version should be available within an hour or two. The update is already available for users of the FastSpring version which uses my own server for detecting and downloading updates.

Geoff - Thanks, fixed it.


The Google Play update looks like it's been approved. If you load the Google Play store app and search for MobileSheetsPro, you should see an option to update.
I'm looking into the issue right now and will release a fix as soon as I'm able to determine the cause of the problem. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I tested on multiple versions of Windows and with multiple devices and libraries and never encountered an issue, so I'm not sure why this is impacting some users.

A fix has been found and has been tested by users. It appears that updates to the PDF library I use caused crashes for some users. I have reverted those changes, and am submitting an update to Microsoft ASAP.  I'll be notifying the company that makes the PDF library about the issues as well to prevent this in the future.

I can confirm that this bug affects only certain devices: on one of my W10 notebooks the update failed, the other W10 notebook and my Android tablet has been updated correctly.
What's really bad: there's no way back. The notebook where the update failed is unusable until the fix is available. Unfortunately that's the most important one. On Android I saved the MSP APK file with every backup so I was able to restore the previous MSP version, just in case.
The update was approved in record time and is available now through the Microsoft Store. If you load the Microsoft Store app, search for MobileSheets and view the store page, it should immediately start downloading the update. After the update completes, the app should work without issue.

Great. Thank you.
It would have been even better if 3.4.4 and 3.4.5 had got separate threads in "News"
J’ai le même problème, l’application sous windows 10  démarre, essaie de charger les bases de données, puis se ferme. Sur le forum j’ai vu votre message et vous dites d’aller sur Microsoft Sotre.
Je n’ai que la possibilité d’acheter l’application, de plus elle est en date de 2019. J’ai beau taper le MobileSheets pro windows 10 mises à jour, il ne trouve pas. Ce serait plus simple de nous mettre le lien de téléchargement. De plus impossible d’écrire correctement dans « Lancement de MobileSheetsPro et MobileSheets Version ». Quand j’écris pour répondre et laisser un message, des mots qui ne veulent rien dire s’affichent seuls. Je commence à écrire et la moitié du mot passe au début de la ligne ????.
Pouvez-vous me mettre le lien direct pour télécharger la mise à jour windows 10 de MobileSheets pro. Que je puis utiliser à nouveau mon logiciel.
La mise à jour s’était bien installée, j’ai fait une sauvegarde de ma bibliothèque, avant de fremer mon logiciel hier soir et ce matin en lançant l’application , j’ai constaté le problème que vous connaissez.
De plus, l’appel de mes registartions depuis les partitions avec MSB et LSB, fonctionne parfaitement. Mais des registrations pour ouvrir les partitions, cela ne fonctionne pas sur mon TYROS5, j’ai envoyé un message depuis le logiciel hier soir, pour expliquer ce qui se passe.
Bien cordialement

17 H 02 : J’ai téléchargé la mise à jour et le problème de démarrage est résolu.

The MIDI message processing should work fine regardless of the type of keyboard. I have tested this with a simple keyboard using control change and program change messages, and everything works fine. So I don't believe there is any kind of software issue with that. If you capture the MIDI messages using the MIDI listen dialog, and you set up messages to trigger on that, and then you send those messages from the Tyros keyboard in the exact same manner, then the song should be loaded.