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Full Version: How to use annotation editor with connected tablets?
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I have difficulty with the annotation editor when working with two connected tablets:

I have two tablets connected via Bluetooth. Tablet1 (master) shows page 1, tablet 2 shows page 2 if available.
If I now want to enter annotations on the master (Tablet 1), I can only do this on page 1. When I try to switch to page 2 I end up directly on the first page of the next song of the setlist.

I think it would be useful if the page change mode via the tablet connection would generally be deactivated when using the annotation editor?
Once I implement the necessary changes so that you can annotate on either device while using book mode, this won't be as big a deal. However, I do see the problem with the current behavior. I will look into changing the behavior so that, while you are in the annotations editor, it will always turn one page at a time instead of two.

Thank you.
Hi, Mike! Have you implemented being able to annotate on either tablet of a pair yet? I just tried to make a marking on my 2nd tablet this past Monday & it wouldn't work. Didn't occur to me to try turning the page of the 1st tablet - wouldn't that mess up my page order?
The goal is to have that functionality implemented early next year. It's not available at the moment. It shouldn't mess up your page order if you are just turning the pages in the annotation editor, but you may have to experiment with that a bit.

+1 in the list of users waiting to be able to edit/annotate pieces on either bookmoded double tablet setup. (Favourably on the 1st device as its library is the reference one in my usage mode.)