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Full Version: CSV Import only imports first page
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I am new to MobileSheets and currently check out the free version (v 3.4.3) . So far I like it a lot but I noticed something strange:  I have a pdf document with 2 pages : 

1. When I import the file directly , both pages are imported . 
2. When I import the file using a csv , only the first page is imported  ( regardless of the page range I entered in the csv). 

Is this a limitation of the free version ? 

Thank you !
Looks like this is a bug that was introduced in one of the last few updates. I'm working on getting an update together today, so I'll include this fix. You should be able to test this out properly later today. Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

Thank you for fixing it. I won‘t have my tablet with me the next couple of days  so I cannot test it.