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Full Version: Error message Storage
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Hello all,
my name is Achim Pfeiffer from Trier.
I have been using Mobil Sheet Pro for about 2 years.
Yesterday I had this error message for the first time with some songs:

[Image: 87ec55171-fehler-mobilsheet.jpg]

So far I had no problems with the songs in question.
First I restored the file from my backup, unfortunately without success.
When I recreated the file, it worked of course.
Can someone tell me something about the error message??... and how to possibly fix the error?

Thanks a lot
Hello Achim,

This is most likely due to the bug with version 3.4.3 that was discussed here:

If the first line of your file is blank, this will cause an error with version 3.4.3. Version 3.4.4 has been submitted and should be available within the next hour or two to fix this. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


The Google Play update looks like it's been approved. If you load the Google Play store app and search for MobileSheetsPro, you should see an option to update.
thanks for the quick action. everything is working again.  Smile