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Full Version: CSVFile for "Million Dollar Library"
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The Million Dollar Library is a downloadable collection of lead sheets in eleven volumes – ten fakebooks plus an index. You can easily find it with your favorite Internet search engine.

The Million Dollar Library nominally consists of 4597 song titles, but some of the pages are missing (likely lost) so 44 songs are gone and one is incomplete. The collection actually consists of 4552 usable titles.
Great. Thank you for sharing.

I'll rename your threads to "CSVFile ...", see

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And here's what Frank wrote into the README in the shared zip:
(Just to make it easier to know what can be expected. If you don't like it here, let me know, then I'll remove it again)

Frank wrote:

These files are plain text files in csv format.  They can be loaded into any word processor, text editor or spreadsheet for examination, editing and searching.

The file named master_index includes all of the songs in volumes 1 through 10 of the Million Dollar Library collection of lead sheets.

The other files (1 through 10) are intended to be imported into a sheet music viewing program like Mobilesheets for Android or Forscore for iPad and Mac.

Note that the files numbered 1 through 10 won’t work well with the Million Dollar Library pdf files as they are originally downloaded. The original files have numerous defects, including missing pages, blank pages, a few sideways pages and even approximately the first half of the pages of the first volume being assembled in reverse page order.

To the the most out of these index files and use them with sheet music reading software, you’ll have to fix up the pdf’s so the pages are in the right order and the blank pages are removed.

However, even if you don’t wish to rearrange the pdf’s, this searchable index is still more convenient and readable than looking up the songs in the index volume.  Just load the master index file into your favorite spreadsheet and you can easily find the volume and page number for any of the included lead sheets.

Frank Cox
April 1, 2022
I found this update to vol 1. I don't know if it is usable or not.
Good catch, thank you.
A simplified link is

It almost matches, just needs an offset of +1 to "pages"

Million_Dollar_Library_01.csv matches the PDF at
I changed the book name column to "albums" as that's what I prefer to use and added two lines to access the whole book and the table of contents from MSP.
MSP now jumps to the correct page for each song (I only checked a number of songs, please inform me in case there are errors left). Cropping is still required. This can be easily done within MSP and cannot be imported via CSV

Million_Dollar_Library_01_forCSV.xlsx shows the formula to add the offset
Volume 1 is the worst for out-of-order pages, but a few of the later volumes have duplicated and missing pages as well.  As I recall, about three volumes are just perfect as they are but the rest need a bit of work to become really useful.

I just ripped them apart with pdfseparate, sorted what was out of order, junked the duplicates and re-assembled the result.
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Could you tell which of the volumes are "just perfect"?
Gosh, when I was working on this I had a note of what changed where so I could fix up the individual book index file after modifying the pdf but when I finished polishing it I deleted the note. Confused   Frankly, it never occurred to me that anyone else might want that information though it seems fairly obvious now in hindsight.

However, it should be fairly easy to figure that out -- if the page number of the final song in the csv file matches the actual page in the pdf, then that's probably one of the good ones.  It's some of the middle volumes that were just fine -- 5 through 8 or 9 or something along those lines.  Needless to say I was pretty happy when I came across those ones.  Smile

It took about three weeks of off-and-on fiddling around to fix the pdf's and make the index, but making the index was the biggest part of the job since I had to retype a lot of it.  (And I'll guarantee that some of the page numbers are still wrong since a lot of the 3's, 6's,8's, 9's and 0's got mixed up.)

Fixing the downloaded pdf's to get rid of the duplicates, fix the page order and rotate what's sideways and so forth shouldn't take anyone more than maybe an afternoon or so since you can use those indexes as a guide to what needs to be changed.  And maybe you'll find some more of my incorrect page numbers in the process.  (I do know that all of the volume numbers are correct.)