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Full Version: Setlist / Annotation Layer Linkage
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This maybe a long shot, but I'm wondering if it is possible to turn on / off an annotation layer depending on which setlist is used to call-up the item.

Backstory - I play the same piece in two groups and the piece as played by one group (call it Group B) has some minor changes that I can note on an annotation layer.  Each group has its own setlist and I would like to be able to turn off the layer if I call up the piece from the Group A setlist, but turn that layer on if I call up the piece from the Group B setlist.  Thoughts or a solution that I've missed?
This will be addressed by the song versioning feature that I will implement after the iOS version of MobileSheets is released. You can find references to that throughout the forums, but it will allow users to have multiple versions of a song and they can choose which version will be loaded for each setlist.