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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets Version 3.4.8 Released
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MobileSheetsPro (Android) and MobileSheets (Windows) version 3.4.8 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows 10/11)
  • Added support for optional chords in chord pro files that are surrounded by parenthesis, i.e. [(D)]
  • Improved the snap-to-grid functionality when moving non-freeform annotations
  • Added icon for smart buttons to set the audio track start time to the current time position in the audio player
  • Fixed issue with distorted sound when reducing the tempo of an audio track to very small values or when increasing to very large values
  • Fixed issue where annotations in layers that are not visible could still be selected with the selection tool
  • Fixed issue where smart buttons could not be triggered properly under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug where the title visibility could not be turned off in chord pro files
  • Fixed issue with the rating field being populated incorrectly from CSV files
  • Adjusted the metronome vertical offset so that the minimum supported value is -35 for users that want it to closer to the top of the screen
  • A progress dialog is now shown after renaming and merging groups instead of the UI just freezing until the operation is complete
Windows v3.4.8
  • Fixed issue where the progress dialog would sometimes not be displayed correctly while batch importing
  • Fixed issues where chord pro page margins would transfer incorrectly from Android to Windows while using languages that use commas instead of periods for decimal values
  • Pressing enter while filtering for a song in the group editor will now select all the text with the cursor at the end to allow for editing or quick replacement
  • Fixed issue with the last modified timestamp for a song being modified when MobileSheets loads it for the first time
  • Fixed issue where MobileSheets would not start on devices running version 1709
Android v3.4.8
  • Fixed issues on some devices with accessing files and folders on certain types of removable storage such as thumb drives     
  • Fixed issue with the swap file feature not starting at the last accessed folder