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Full Version: leadsheet vs score
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I have two main categories of music -- leadsheets and what I call a score, i.e. complete sheet music.

So far every time I add something to mobilesheets I add it to a collection called either leadsheet or score so I can include or exclude either or both formats.

Is that the best way to approach this, or am I missing an even better method to turn on and off a view of either or both leadsheets and scores for a given range of songs?
I use "Albums" for the book title and "Source Types" to store the layout.
I removed all the predefined Source Types entries and specified what I need.
You can find examples in the CSVs that I shared. They are all abbreviations, if you need more info what they mean just let me know.
You can use filters to select as required. User defined filters can be stored and recalled.