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Full Version: Editing fields by Album or Collection
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I think I'm missing a step or not understanding something here.

I have an album or a collection consisting of several songs.


I select all songs in the collection and click on Edit.  Pop and christmas are already in the genre field so I add "Traditional" beside those two entries.

Now all three songs are part of the traditional genre, but songB is now part of genre christmas as well even though it wasn't before and that's not what I had intended.
Unfortunately, the batch edit functionality is not smart enough to allow you to add new data without impacting the existing data for a song. You either have to set all of the songs to the same values for a given field, or you can mark that field as not being changed. Currently, you can long press songs, tap the three dots at the top right and then add them to collections or setlists. I'm going to expand this to allow them to be added to any field in the future. Another thing I can consider in the future is having some kind of toggle for the batch edit where you can either edit existing metadata (the current behavior), or just add new metadata (which could get a little weird if you try to add something that already exists for one or more of the songs). 

For now, I would recommend either using the option to add songs to existing collections, or you can go to the collection tab, edit the collection and add the songs in the group editor.

I was afraid you were going to say that.  Smile

I had hoped for an "add this data to every one of the fields in the currently selected songs" option, but I guess I'm currently outta luck.  But now that I know that, I'll just have to work around it in the future.