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Full Version: Add audio from YT Music, Spotify and similar
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I believe that this issue has been suggested several times earlier, but I would really like to have the possibility to add a Youtube Music or Spotify track as audio track. Since Google Play Music were abandoned by Google, I have been struggling to get audio files downloaded for use in MobileSheets. Especially when I "need" A-B playback I am often resorting to youtube-dl to get the files available locally, so a web player inside of mobile sheets would be a very good addition.
Smart button  to YouTube?
Yes, that is a temporary workaround as I see it. I have yet to find a solution to A-B repeat in the YT music app. Youtube-dl is more usable for now.
My recommendation: Use the fork yt-dlp since youtube-dl hasn't been updated for a long time and yt-dlp has better and more recent adjustments for the YouTube downloads.