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Full Version: MobileSheets For Android and Windows Version 3.5.4 Released
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MobileSheets for Android and Windows version 3.5.4 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows)
  • Fixed issue with importing multiple files with the same name into a single song. A conflict is now generated for this.
Android v3.5.4
  • Removed support for AirTurn Direct Mode due to crashes and power drain issues with AirTurn's library. The feature will be added back once their library is fixed.
  • Fixed issue with text controls updating extremely slowly which impacted some features like library synchronization.
  • Fixed issue with line endings not transferring properly from Windows to Android for some features like song notes.
  • Fixed issue with bluetooth connectivity still processing while MobileSheets is in the background, which increased battery consumption.
Windows v3.5.4
  • Fixed issues with line breaks not converting correctly between Windows and Android.
  • Fixed issue with group reorder arrows not showing up when the dark theme or night mode is enabled.