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Full Version: MobileSheets For Android Version 3.5.6 Released
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MobileSheets for Android version 3.5.6 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Android v3.5.6
  • The library sync functionality will now perform case-insensitive comparisons to match song and group titles.
  • The Bookmarks window will no longer automatically expand all songs and pages.
  • Fixed issue with text/chord pro files being zoomed out so far that they no longer loaded correctly.
  • Fixed potential connection issues with AirTurn pedals and reduced battery consumption while AirTurn Direct Mode is disabled.
  • Added configuration option to control whether image EXIF information is processed. If this setting is off, JPEG files may render with a different rotation on Windows vs Android. This setting is on by default for new installations, and off by default for existing installations.
  • Fixed issue with automatic scrolling not starting properly when using vertical scrolling and the last page of a song is displayed more than halfway up the screen.
  • Fixed performance issues on Android 4.4 and below devices.