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Full Version: Batch Import replaces a 1 page pdf with a 2 page pdf by only importing the first pag
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When using Batch Import to replace 1 page songs with 2 pages songs with the same filename, only the first page of the replacement file is imported.
PerhapsĀ it has imported both pages but is not using the 2nd page?

Long press the song name and choose Edit
Select Files andĀ check the pages field.
If it shows a single 1, try changing it to 1,2 (if it will let you!)

You could also try importing the file into a temporary name - just to check that MSP recognises it as a 2 pager

What Geoff has recommended is correct - you probably need to adjust the page order to use both pages. If you want the page order reset automatically when replacing files, you can enable Settings->Other Settings->Reset Page Order if File Changes.