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Full Version: Support new kind of Page Turner
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Hi Mike,

I found a cute bluetooth switch and would like to use it with mobilesheets (

Unfortunately, it does not work with mobilesheets, because it simulates mouse-actions:

top: "left-button + swipe down"
middle: "left-button"
bottom: "left-button + swipe up"

These actions activate the "edit options".

Then I thought, that it maybe would work in the "Performance Mode" and "Enable swipe to turn pages" Option. But no success.

Would it be possible, to support these actions?


About the only thing you can try is going to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings and enabling "Treat Mouse Click as Pedal Press" as well as "Enable USB Mouse Processing". If the bluetooth switch then triggers the actions for pedal 1 and pedal 2, you know it will work. Otherwise it won't work and it's not something I can support.