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Full Version: Random numbers being appended to song title after export from Dropbox
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This has been happening for a couple of months.  I thought surely someone would notice and report it by now, but I guess I'm the one as I don't see any other threads about it.

I edit my PDFs on my desktop computer and put them into Dropbox.  From my Android tablet, I "export" from Dropbox to Mobilesheets Pro which is the same way I've done it for years.  However, now every song title has numbers appended to the end of the title.

I'd really like this to stop happening.  It's tedious to have to remove the numbers every time I add a new song.  Photo example attached.

What is the name of the file on the files tab? Does the file have those numbers at the end as well? I'm assuming so, otherwise I'm not sure why the title would have those numbers. I'm going to need more information about what process you are using, because I just opened the Dropbox app on my tablet, tapped a file, tapped the three dots at the top right, tapped "Open With" and tapped MobileSheets in the list and the file imported fine without any numbers appended to it. If this doesn't match what you are doing, let me know.

No, the file name has no numbers on the Files tab.  The numbers are in the Fields tab.

"Bliss" is the end of my example file name, followed by .pdf.

In Dropbox, I don't use "Open with....".  I use "Export" and then I choose MobileSheets as the app to export to.  I'm not sure why I use "export", but that's how I've always done it for years.

Numbers are being added to the file name in the Fields tab regardless of which of those two methods is used.
Something must be different about our settings. Have you changed any of the options under Settings->Storage? Are you using a removable SD card for your storage? If so, what Android OS version is your tablet running? 

I have the same problem.

To add pdfs to Mobilesheets I normally have the file as an attachment in an email. I use Gmail and I open the email, click on the attachment and say to use Mobilesheets to open the file. For sometime now, this always adds a random set of numbers to the end of Title: under the Fields tab. 

If I download the file to my tablets SD card and then using a file manager click on the pdf file and I select Mobilesheets, the number is not appended in the Title: field. 

This happens on 2 different Lenovo tablets 1, with Android 11 and one with Android 6.  As well as my Pixel 6 phone with Android 13. 

I am using the tablets/phones internal storage. 
I have a fix in place for this now that will be included with the next update.

(09-15-2022, 10:01 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]I have a fix in place for this now that will be included with the next update.


Has the updated been pushed out yet?  It's still doing it.
It has not been pushed out yet - been trying to wrap up the iOS version. Contact me at if you have an Android device and want access to the build before the official release.


First of all I have to say that I'm new to both Mobile-Sheets and the forum. But I seem to have an issue that has been aired in the past.
My issue is that when I transfer PDF files (song words and guitar chord symbols) from my PC to Mobile-Sheets on my tablet via bluetooth the song titles get a 6  digit number appended
I'm on a Lenovo P11 tablet. Everything else seems to work perfectly. Is this a setting issue?

Many thanks

Can you provide the list of steps you are taking to transfer the files over bluetooth? There isn't a "import through bluetooth" type option in MobileSheets, so I need to know exactly how you are receiving the files to import them into MobileSheets.

Many thanks for the fast reply Mike

I produce the word and chords sheets using MS Word on my PC. I then save these sheets as PDF files. I then bluetooth them to my tablet where they are stored in the downloads file. I then open MobileSheets and import the sheets using the Local File tab. This works really well apart from the appended numbers. I can always edit the individual song titles so this is not a major problem its just a bit of a bind.

I've been seeing this problem intermittantly. My process is to open an email, follow a link to Google docs, and from there open the pdf with mobilesheets, autocrop, then confirm with ok. Once in a while the piece is created with that 6 digit number appended to its name.

(Galaxy Tab s7 fe)
I'm looking into this, but have not been having any luck reproducing the problem. Roger Dalby - if you can create a short video with your phone demonstrating the issue and send that to, that would help a great deal. It would also help to know what type of tablet you are using and the Android OS version it is running.