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Full Version: Different Parts for same song
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I use Mobilesheets for my music used in a big band I play with. I play trumpet and sometimes play different parts. 

Is there a slick way to have multiple parts for the same song? For example, we may play “A Song” and i might have the 3rd and 4th Trumpet parts and would like to have all the parts for 3rd trumpet in one collection and the 4th parts in another one. I guess I could add something to the file name of the pdf, but I’d rather not do that.

Any ideas?
Mike has indicated that he will provide song versioning where you could have the same song name with different parts as you suggest.

However, it is not currently available so the easiest method is to put the applicable instrument in each song name.
You could also put each instrument in its own collection (a song file can be in multiple collections)

Sorry,  being new I had not fully read all the forums yet, but thanks for pointing me to the other thread.

I tried the collections method, but it seems that’s just a set of pointers to files and if you upload a file of the same name, it will either get replaced or skipped. 

I’ll just add a part to the file name for now.

Thanks for your response.